Philipppines, Switzerland & coconuts

In 2004 I traveled from Nepal to the Philippines. Cast away on a small non-touristy island, I liked it just very well. The Filipino mentality I liked instantly, very nice and hospitable and should not be underestimated. Appearances are deceptive. It was a total challenge for me to adapt and not to be so stubborn as Swiss can be.
Within no time I integrated myself very well.This was simple because I was really just alone with the local. Unfortunately on this island one has little opportunity to find a job. Apart from the coconuts hardly anything else grows here. So I decided, together with the locals to create a virgin coconut oil production in this fantastic place. Logistically, not exactly perfect, but with the best quality coconuts. No wonder in this climate.

With the Philippine University in Manila, we create the production. For me the most important aspect was the quality, and this we can offer now. We are not with the fermentative production, but with cold and wet pressing tecnics. This means that it does not smell rancid.

We immediately established the Purepower Coco. I say instantly, but it took 2 years. The locals were trained in Manila until they were able to produce good qualityproducts by themselves. They learned how to write mails and how to communicate to others. Also they learned about quality, cleanliness, reliability and accuracy. Typical Swiss attribute I couldt pass on. And they gave me calm and optimism.

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