Coconut oil for animals.



Coconut oil against ticks, so your four-legged friends are feeling well.

A miracle? Not at all! Because pure coconut oil contains an agent the ticks fear: lauric acid.

An experiment confirmed the effect of lauric acid. The biologist Hans Dautel has discovered the effect of lauric acid on ticks. He stated that it not only keeps ticks away from dogs but also from people.

Extra virgin coconut oil contains 50% of lauric acid. The same protective acid that can be found in the natural mother milk.

Coconut oil supports a appropriate nutrition for dogs and cats.

For a healthy diet and a healthy, shiny fur.

Useful against worms and other parasites.

Especially for the dog and cat balls.

For daily care or paws and specially for dry, brittle or cracked paws.

The Creme de Coco is based on coconut oil, is absorbed and lets the paws breath. No fat cream which clogs the pores. Pure vegetable and natural, with no animal experiments.