Baby and coconut oil.


Baby massage

Baby massage is a wonderful opportunity for the child to feel close to you after the birth. During the pregnancy, it underwent constant contact in the womb. This security-giving feeling of the nine months continues if you massage the body of the child. Massage goes beyond the purely physical sense, it is also food for the soul. This intensive care is comfort, joy and the feeling of being loved.

Our oil glides gently on baby’s skin and is absorbed and tolerated. Coconut oil keeps the pores open, since there is no protection film on the skin but penetrates into the tissue. It has a pleasant odor and does not stain like Olive oil (which is also very useful but only if it is cold pressed in the production.

baby oil

Bathing with coconut oil

Babies have a very delicate skin and should not come into contact with a bubble bath. And yet, a lot of babies love their daily bath, either with Mommy or Daddy in the tub or on your own. As an addition the coconut oil is recommended. It nourishes the skin, together with the bath water donates a lot of moisture and contains lots of vitamin E.

The oil is also ingestible, so when the baby swallows the water, while playing, it does not harm, on the contrary, the oil is also supported from the inside. Moreover, it does not burn in the eyes when the baby gets tired and rubs his eyes with the bath water. It only takes a few drops, and thus it is very efficient. Try it now.

The oil bath: a comfortable help for dry and irritated skin

Even Cleopatra was convinced; an oil bath gives health and beauty.
An oil bath replaces the lack of fat in the horn – fat – barrier and protects against the loss of natural moisture in the horn layer. The skin around is treated. Missing fat is returned to the skin. Oil baths help heal sick or stressed skin. Especially when large areas of skin or the whole body are affected, an oil bath is a comfortable and convenient alternative. If you have dry skin with itching, or other skin diseases associated with dry skin, oil baths are medically useful.


  • feasible even at home
  • the skin surface is coated thinly and evenly, even in places your hand does not reach that easy
  • oil bath provids dry, irritated skin not only with the missing fat, but also it restores humidity. It helps the recovery of the horn-fat barrier

Application: bath, give a teaspoon of coconut oil to the bath water. Add soap and bath products. After bathing, blot briefly and do not rub dry.
Partial bath: Mix one teaspoon in a bucket of warm water,put your feetin the water for a few minutes, or mix water with oil in the sink and bathe your arms and elbows shortly. blotting.


Winterstick for babies and toddlers

Red and sore noses are announced, especially with dry air and in the winter. A good winter protection: our stick. Especially for young skin. Only natural ingredients such as our pure coconut oil, bee wax from our apiary, and to make it better to breathe we put eucalyptus in it. Smells great and it’s nice to apply.Buy now for only 7.90 Fr.

Common cold

With a cold, our Winterstick gives relief. It does not dry the skin around the nose . It is a well-scented protection against cold and moisture.

Dry, cracked lips

The winterstick protects the lips from cold and moisture. With its UV protection, it also protects while at the ski slopes or in the tropical sun. The lips will not dry out, because the skin regenerates itself with the fat.