Dear friends, customers & other interested parties

Dear friends, customers and other interested parties,

We admit we’re a bit crazy, but we love to be able to support such a heavenly corner of the world to on the spot. Many hours we spend with joy to this project, which will surely have a Sustainability Impact. About mental or financial support from you, we would be delighted.

Already with CHF 20.00 per year, you get a membership. Ask for a payment order or send it by mail to: Nardias Förderprojekt Philippinen, Sittertal 115, 9050 Appenzell. With our donations, we have already did much good and helped the people over there. Some examples:

We constantly receive good quality tools, like this sharpened planer for the timber.

This is the Comary family. The little girl is called Misha and her father currently is working abroad so he is able to feed his family. We hope that we can quickly give him a job in our factory so that they are together again. Apart from that, we are close to the family and help wherever we can.

The Comary family.

Unfortunately there are too many tragedies on the island. Above all, due to the fishingthis. Palm trees and fish that is there is here. So there are many fishermen who are dependening on a successful fishing. Previously, unfortunately, it was common to do this with dynamite. Fortunately, this was finally banned, mainly for environmental reasons. This, however, also created stories of people who now can barely work. With us, we always find use for them.

3 Personen, 3 Schicksalsschlaege

Francisco Mahinay, 53 years, married, 4 children (17, 19, 21, 23 years old) grew up with fishing, like almost every inhabitant of this island. There were no other sources of income. In 1991 the accident happened. He was out at sea with his boat and located a shoal of fish. Everything must go quickly, too quickly, the dynamite exploded in his hands. He lost both hands and and one eyesight during this incident.He was in the hospital for 6 months. His brother and other family members take over the operation costs, hospital care and medication. Total costs of100,000 Peso (Fr. 2200.-) with a daily income of 2 francs, if income at all. (ie 4x his year income).His wife begins to wash clothes for others to regenerate a new income and Francisco starts with selling meat.He takes orders, looks around everywhere to find a swine he can buy. He would have liked his own pig farms, but he needed a start-up capital of 10,000 Peso (220 francs) which the family can not afford. Any income is needed for the children’s school fees.

Mr. Mahinay

Isidro Bajamunta, 54 years, married, 3 children (24, 28, 32)
The same story: the dynamite explodes too soon. In 2004 he loses his left hand, the explosion destroyed the skin of his abdomen and both legs. Deep scars remain.

Mr. Bajamunta

Serlito Salot, 33 years, married, 3 children (9, 10, 15). The youngest one. Already at the age of 20 in 1994, he loses his eyesight as well as half his left hand. It happened when he is at the kitchen table and a spark from the kitchen fire jumped over. They have a hard time and hardly bring together any income. The whole family supports his family. His greatest wish: send his oldest daughter to college in 2009. Cost 60,000 Peso per year.

Mr. Salot

Some of the cabins destroyed by the Typhoons were built only of bamboo. Thus, we also help in proper buildings. At least we are creating the foundations for families.


Further, we also support families with school fees, so the children can go to school or they can buy new school exercise books. These are, unfortunately, not included in the monthly school fees.


We are expanding the paths through the jungle and we are building another toilet.


Of course we are also pleased to receive voluntary hours for work. The need for help depends, but we always welcome help with things as the Internet presence, production of labels, leaflets, flyers, organizing events, establishing and maintaining contacts.

You see, we need your help in many aspects. Would you bring in your company, or help us as a private person? We welcome any offer. Email us!

Request your free copy of our development report.

Thank you.